In the beginning....

In 2015 Deborah Norris went to see Lucy Ward and her band at perform at Wigan Parish Church. In a post-show chat the two women discussed a potential dance/music collaboration. Fours years later the concept and production of 'The Sisters of Elva Hill' was realised. The role of the 'Henwife' within the original story of 'Kate Krackernuts' became the narrator and a central figure for the production evoking the idea for a series of narrated productions to be known as 'The Henwife's Tales'. 

The Henwife's Tales...

Realising the potential for collaboration across both folk music and ballet, and the rich tradition of adapting and translating stories into song and dance, Lucy and Deborah's creative partnership has developed with a sensitive understanding for both genre's. Using their personal creative styles their productions appeal to a wide audience, bringing folk stories to festival and traditional stages. 

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