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The Sisters of Elva Hill is based on the traditional Scottish folk story, Kate Krackernuts. 

The tale was originally collected by Andrew Lang in the Orkney Islands, first published in his book English Fairy Tales (1890) 

and an adaptation of the tale by James Reeves 'The Two Sisters' (1954) 

This enchanting production offers a powerful narrative which explores the key themes within the tale of family, love, magic and triumph.  This one act ballet transports the audience to a land of kings and queens, princes and princesses.  A wicked spell cast by the Henwife and their mother, sees Kate and Anne, the young princesses, venture to a far off land where they take refuge in another kingdom.  An entranced prince leads them to a fairy ball where they eventually find a cure for the evil magic, leading to their happily ever after.

It was jaw droppingly amazing - something completely unique; 

stunning the audience with visual spectacle and music.

Tony Birch  -  Fatea Magazine

A delicious meld of traditional folk music themes, dance, storytelling,

great musicianship and beautiful costumes.

Julian Clinkard  -  Audience Member

The dancers were spectacular, Ward held everything together as the singer-cum-narrator and the band were on it, with Anna Essiemont on fiddle a whirling pixie who commanded the stage. A triumph.

Jeremy Searle - Americana UK

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