The Sisters of Elva Hill is a new folk ballet based on the Scottish folk story, Kate Krackernuts, by Andrew Land.

This enchanting production offers a powerful narrative which explores the key themes within the tale of family, love, magic and triumph.  This one act ballet transports the audience to a land of kings and queens, princes and princesses.  A wicked spell cast by the Henwife and their mother, sees Kate and Anne, the young princesses, venture to a far off land where they take refuge in another kingdom.  An entranced prince leads them to a fairy ball where they eventually find a cure for the evil magic, leading to their happily ever after.

The performance includes dancers who play the roles of the two princesses, the prince and a corps de ballet.  The musicians also take on roles within the ballet; Lucy Ward as the Henwife who narrates the work through song, engraining the folk tradition. Helga Ragnarsdottir as the Queen and Anna Esslemont as the Lady in Waiting.


Cambridge Folk Festival 2019  /  Netherhall School


Commissioned by Cambridge Folk Festival, Ballet Folk worked in collaboration with Netherhall School, Cambridge, to create a live outdoor performance for the 2019 festival.  Creating and delivering a series of bespoke workshops, Deborah Norris taught a group of students from across all years, ballet technique and repertoire from The Sisters of Elva Hill.  Composer / Musicians, Anna Esslemont and Stephen MacLachlan, joined the process creating live accompaniment for the workshops and playing the score for the ballet to support the choreography.

The students were invited to perform at the Wild Flower Garden stage at Cambridge Folk Festival and created a processional performance that was enjoyed by a large audience and became part of an outdoor performance of excerpts by the main company.

The students were also invited to perform for Darren Henley, chair of Arts Council England at an arts event hosted by Anglian Learning at Sawston Village College.

This project was generously supported by Arts Council England.

Education  /  Community Outreach

Ballet Folk are committed to keeping the traditions of storytelling alive through song and dance and through this, we aim to continue to build partnerships with schools, colleges and youth groups to develop unique and bespoke workshops and productions that can both compliment and diversify from their performing arts curriculum.  Our past educational projects have been funded with generous support from Arts Council England, Cambridge Folk Festival and The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University.


If you are interested in booking Ballet Folk for a performance or workshop, please get in touch here.

It was jaw droppingly amazing - something completely unique;

stunning the audience with visual spectacle and music.

Tony Birch  -  Fatea Magazine


BBC Online

Wonderful, mesmerising.

Cambridge Folk Festival

A delicious meld of traditional folk music themes, dance, storytelling,

great musicianship and beautiful costumes.

Julian Clinkard  -  Audience Member

 It's true, you've never really heard a piece of music until you have seen people dance to it.

Angela Singer  -  Saffron Walden Reporter